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Hawkker is food tech company that's all about supporting independent food.

In an age where technology has made it effortless to access immediate, relevant and local information on almost everything, small, independent food vendors cannot be left behind if they seek to grow and compete with the major players on the high street.

The Hawkker platform will empower eaters to discover small vendors in their area, easily access menu, dish and price information. In-built within the platform is a simple, but powerful loyalty system which will reward eaters for buying from independents.

Using Hawkker vendors will gain a simple but powerful business management tool. It will allow them to quickly build profiles, provide live information on their location and opening hours, offer on-the-fly discounts and special offers and have a full suite of sales analytics and feedback capture.

All of this in a platform built from the ground-up as a real-time, simple-in-use solution specifically designed for independent vendors and true food fans who know the best food can come from anywhere and believe that small food businesses are vital to our local economies and food culture.